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Inkfilm Fax Machines

Designed for light usage. Inkfilm is the most inexpensive fax technology to buy and offers a fixed cost per copy in that it uses one A4 sheet of itís consumable per print out

Inkjet Fax Machines

Designed for medium duty Home or Home/Office use. Inkjet/Bubblejet fax machines only use the amount of ink required per print out

More about Fax Machines...

The main consideration when choosing your fax machine is paper handling. Calculating the annual usage against the initial machine cost and the ongoing consumable costs will enable you to choose the right machine for your requirements.
Other features are the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and the page memory for receiving faxes and storing them. Modem capabilities indicate the transmission speeds and dual access will allow both the sending and receiving of faxes simultaneously. Autodials allow the storage of regular numbers