What Shredders are you looking for?

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Personal/Home Office Shredders

For your peace of mind at home. Make sure that all your waste can not be read by shredding all your bills, receipts and confidential information

Small Office Shredders

For a shredder with a larger capacity which includes features such as CD and Credit card destroyers

Departmental Shredders

Designed to be used for large offices and floors, department shredders will cope with larger volumes and frequent use

Large Office Shredders

Designed to be used for larger volumes and frequent use including CD and credit card shredding. Shreds the paper into tiny pieces in two directions

Industrial Shredders

Designed for very large quantities of paper, CDís, Credit Cards, Floppy disks, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles

More about Shredders...

There are three main considerations when buying a paper shredder. The materials and the volume you will be shredding and the security level you require.

Strip cut shredders cut the paper into strips the length of the paper. Cross cut or diamond shredders cut the paper both vertically and horizontally to create smaller pieces.

Paper shredders have a security classification; DIN levels allow you to cover the confidentiality level you require for the home or office. Security level 1 (a low security shredder) through to Security level 6 (a high security level)