What Label Machines are you looking for?

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Home/Office Label Machines

Portable and desktop label machines ideal for use in both the home and the office

Industrial Label Machines

Durable models for worksite applications, such as in storage, warehousing, production etc. Includes dedicated models for electricians and gardeners

Address/Shipping Label Machines

Dedicated micro printers for address & shipping labels, name badges etc.

More about Label Machines...

When choosing your label machine the classification or grouping indicates the design of the machine for the requirements. Your needs might require the versatility of a handheld or sole use at a desk. Label machines can also be linked to a PC
Secondly consider the number of characters, which will include any spacing between words and the number of lines that will suit your applications. Finally consider the print size, fonts and border or frame styles
The tapes for label machines are available in an assortment of sizes measured by the height in mm