What Whiteboards are you looking for?

Need help with Whiteboards?

Wall Mounted Whiteboards

Various different screens available including wide and colour whiteboards

Portable Whiteboards

2 rotating panels for added versatility in your presentations

Interactive Whiteboards

Four panels for note taking as well as one non-glare panel for projector use

Flipchart Whiteboards

Nobo Digital Flipcharts allow you to capture ideas and notes instantly on your PC!

More about Whiteboards...

When choosing your whiteboard first decide whether you require one, two or four screens.
Use either the whiteboard mode, interactive mode or the projector mode to best suit your requirements. The interactive whiteboard enables you to write either directly onto the board or project onto your PC in real time
Many of the whiteboards also come with a printer fitted to the whiteboard so you are able to print your training or presentation notes as they are written