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A4 Laminators

Laminate from ID up to A4 size including posters, signs and photographs. Ideal for use in the Office as well as for hobbies and crafts at home

A3 Laminators

Laminate from ID up to A3 size including larger posters and signs. Ideal for use in the larger office as well as at home

A2 Laminators

Laminate from ID up to A2 size including posters, presentation and exhibition displays. Ideal for office and commercial use

A1 Laminators

Laminate from ID up to A1 size. Ideal for the busy office environment and commercial uses including schools and print shops

More about Laminators...

Laminating seals your document between two protective layers of plastic film. The plastic film is measured in microns to determine the thickness and supplied as individual pouches or for larger volumes of work in rolls.
Hot Pouch laminators use an adhesive activated by heat to seal the pouch and are ideally suitable for laser and inkjet prints.
If you want to protect heat sensitive documents such as faxes and photos, choose a laminator with a cold setting which applies pressure instead of heat