What Binding Machines are you looking for?

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Comb Binding Machines

One of the most popular types of binding mainly because it’s economical, durable and reusable allowing your documents to lie flat when opened.

Wire Binding Machines

Similar to the comb binding machines, wire binding gives a superior professional finish and generally has a greater binding capacity

Coil Binding Machines

Coil binding is a durable binding method which offers the flexibility of 360 degree page rotation using a ‘threaded’ coil

Strip Binding Machines

Velo or Strip binding is popular due to its secure bind; pages can’t be removed without leaving a trace. A professional finish for larger volumes

Thermal Binding Machines

The pre-glued spine leaves a quality finish and gives the impression of a published feel. Also allows for multiple documents to be bound

Click Binding Machines

The punched pages are inserted in a reusable binding ‘click’ and ‘zipped’ closed. This flexible approach allows the addition/removal of pages

Multi Binding Machines

Multifunctional binding machines allow the flexibility of binding both plastic combs and wire in one machine

More about Binding Machines...

Binding Machines have two functions; to punch holes in the paper and bind the pages together.
When choosing your binding machine firstly identify the style of binding that will best suit the function and look you want to achieve; Comb Binding, Wire Binding, Coil Binding, Strip Binding, Thermal Binding or Click Binding.
Secondly identify the volume of paper that will be bound; the punch and binding capacity will determine how user friendly the machine will be.
Finally, consider whether you require a manual punch or an electric punch with the option of a foot pedal