GBC Fusion 5000L A3 Laminator

Key features of FUSION5000LA3

  • A3 office laminator
  • laminates up to 2x250 (500) micron thick
  • 18 seconds per A4 document
  • 60 second warm-up time
  • adjustable pouch guide
  • anti-jam and manual release button
  • auto setting
GBC Fusion 5000L A3 Laminator

GBC Fusion 5000L A3 Laminator

GBC FUSION5000LA3 Overview

Excellence Accelerated. Ideal for frequent large office use and equipped with a host of intelligent features and intuitive controls, the Fusion 5000L A3 Laminator guarantees lightning fast, absolutely perfect results.

Stylish and compact, it is ready to use in 1 minute and laminates a single document up to A3 size in under 20 seconds using standard 2x75 micron pouches. Designed for use with standard 2x75 micron to super heavy 2x250 micron thermal pouches, the 5000L automatically detects pouch thickness and determines optimal settings. Digital control screen - for manual settings, use simple on-screen selections.

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