HSM Securio P40i 1 x 5mm with Metal Detector

Key features of SECURIOP40i1X5MD

  • Up to 9 sheet capacity *
  • 1x5mm cross cut
  • 85mm/ sec speed
  • 330mm throat width
  • 145 litre waste bin
  • shreds paper
  • built-in metal detector
HSM Securio P40i 1 x 5mm with Metal Detector

HSM Securio P40i 1 x 5mm with Metal Detector


The HSM SECURIO P40i is an impressive 1 x 5mm Cross Cut document shredder with an innovative IntelligentDrive motor and a high-resolution touchscreen display and a built-in metal detector, making it the perfect choice for large working groups of up to fifteen people.

The innovative touch screen IntelligentDrive control panel allows the user to choose between ‘silent’, ‘standard’ or ‘performance’ operating modes for destroying data efficiently and comfortably. It also features intelligent paper jam correction, that recognises if too much paper has been fed in and reacts automatically.

The ‘silent’ mode reduces operating noise levels compared to the standard model so shredding can be performed in offices without disturbing other staff close by, and for increased shredding speed simply switch to ‘performance’ mode. The special motor technology will produce up to 40% increased performance compared to the ‘standard’ mode for a period of time, which is perfect for those extra special high capacity shredding jobs.

The HSM Securio P40i has an automatic safety device that switches off if pressure is applied to the safety element. The filling level of the large removable, reusable waste bag is displayed through an inspection window.

Conforms to security level P-7 / F-3

* Using 80gsm weight paper

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